Grove of the Summer Stars

Welcome to the Grove of the Summer Stars.

Our Grove was created in 1999 with the combined energies of Pamela and Philip as we became aware that this was the right place for a Sacred Grove. We consecrated the Grove and dedicated it for peace. We meet regularly for the Eight-fold year festivals which we celebrate seasonally for Aotearoa which is of course in the Southern Hemisphere, so the polar opposite of the celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere. So when its is Summer Solstice up there, we are deep in our Winter Solstice celebrating each time as it comes and cycles on. We also integrate aspects of the Tangata whenua into our celebrations and honour the spiritual history of this land as well as our own Druidic path.

We welcome all travellers and ask only that you come with open hearts. Each of us has a different history and we bring with us our own elements and mythologies and find this creates a wonderfully eclectic group and neat energy for our celebrations. We have a wealth of Poets, Healers and Mentors and as we come together we love to share our stories, songs, dances and thoughts.

Where are we?



"THE WOOLSHED" is a farm of 136 acres situated on the hills of Pukerua Bay looking out over the sea and Kapiti Island. It is clothed in approximately 40 acres of native bush, including some of the last remaining stands of kohekohe on the Kapiti Coast. It is gardened organically - herbs, vegetables and fruit - and has three springs of clear water. It is a place of great peace, tranquillity and power. The original woolshed has been converted into living quarters as well as a work and seminar space for up to 20 participants.

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