About Us

Hello, I am Relisa Strickland - founder of Pagangrove. We sell print clothes, mugs. Our focus is on Vietnam customers. We launched in 2021 and We aim to provide high-quality products that dont break the bank. What started as a fun online store is now something much more.


Our Mission

Pagangrove is a Vietnamese fashion store that sells fashionable clothes at affordable prices that wont break the bank. Though we specialize in fashion trends and outfits for young women and teens, our products are available to everyone who shops with us. If you love boho dresses and graphic tees, or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, come to Pagangrove. We try to keep up with your demands while responding promptly to your needs. If you like the clothes at Pagangrove then give me a shout out on Facebook or Instagram!